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About StreamDJ

StreamDJ is a revolutionary web app that lets you instantly start a streaming watch party with highly curated, commercial-free music playlists. Whether you're hosting a birthday, wedding, or cookout, our AI-generated DJ themes ensure a professional party every time.

Broadcast your live watch party on any internet-connected device and use StreamDJ as a remote control, whether it's just for you or for an invited group of guests. Enjoy seamless, vibrant, and dynamic DJ experiences anywhere, anytime.

StreamDJ Features

StreamDJ offers an intuitive interface and responsive design, providing an immersive music experience. The vibrant DJ layout comes to life with spinning record players, showcasing the current and queued album art. Enjoy seamless interaction and control as you broadcast your favorite tracks and host unforgettable live watch parties.

Supported Media

StreamDJ supports a wide range of media formats to ensure seamless playback. Broadcast and enjoy over 20 million songs, albums, and music videos with ease. Compatible with various devices, StreamDJ lets you share your favorite tracks without worrying about compatibility issues. Enjoy high-quality audio and video streaming across smart televisions, vehicles, game consoles, smartphones, tablets, and smart devices like Alexa Echo.


Built as jQuery Plugin you can handle it with ease. Just launch it once and it will run for the whole page.

$(".streamdj ").streamdjPlayer();

You can handle albums through JSON files which will be dynamically loaded to any DOM object with the data-gearPlaylist attribute.


StreamDJ supports keyboard shortcuts. Call the next song with or the previous one with . Press while open to increase volume, and to decrease it.

You can do the same with your mousewheel. Move your cursor over the console and roll to adjust the volume. The player is context sensitive!

Works with AJAX

Are you building a website that requires Ajax calls? No problem! StreamDJ supports a refresh method that scans new albums and adds them to its routine.

When you're done and want to get rid of the player there is also a public destroy method to free up resources and have a proper Garbage Collection.

Mobile Friendly

Small screens will benefit from a special treatment and allow the player to slide when the playlist button is touched. This way you can scroll through the playlist with just a finger. Pretty much intuitive like a native app!

The circular gear is animated with the TweenMax Draggable component.


StreamDJ can be customized in several ways. It comes with optimized default values, but you're free to play with over 40 parameters. Skin the player by overwriting the existing stylesheet with a custom one.

Integrating it inside your own projects will be a piece of cake.

SVG Animations

The player uses Raphael.js as rendering library and provides you smooth animations driven by Greensock.

No matter what resolution and what kind of display you're on, SVG renders well on any device. No more jagged edges!

Making Parties Fun Again

With StreamDJ, your parties come alive. Broadcast your live watch party on any internet-connected device and use StreamDJ as a remote control, ensuring your music and entertainment are always at your fingertips. Make every party unforgettable with the dynamic and immersive experience of StreamDJ.


StreamDJ pushes HTML5 to its limits by using SVG, Canvas and even Flash to provide a complete new way of listening to your sounds.

Despite this it provides an intuitive user interface and engages for its simplicity.

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